The Swiss Testing Day & DevOps Fusion is taking place September 14th at the Arena Cinemas in Zürich this year. The Swiss Digital Network is honored to welcome you for our talk on “Democratising Site Reliability Engineering” starting at 8.15am. You can also meet and have a chat with our teams and agile consulting cells : Digital Architects Zurich, Machine Learning Architects Basel and PhiloSolvis.

SDN at Swiss Testing Day DevOps Fusion v2

Our speakers, Tobias Sager and Makram Hanin, will show you why hidden reliability debts occur in high velocity delivery environments and will present Effective SREour practical approach inspired by Google’s SRE and leveraging more than 20 years of practical experience in adjacent practices such as Service Level Management, Monitoring and Application Performance Management and Engineering. You will see how the Effective SRE methodology provides you with practices and patterns to overcome the technological, architectural and cultural challenges in your DevOps transformation journey. (Note that the session will be held in German, however we can give you a brief in English throughout the day.)

In addition to our talk, Swiss Testing Day / DevOps Fusion will also feature many speakers and panelists from market-leading companies and industry-changing leaders: learn more about the program here.

Our Speakers

Makram HANIN

Makram Hanin is a senior consultant in the Swiss Digital Network, co-founder of the agile cell PhiloSolvis. Makram brings over 20 years of experience in service level management, performance and reliability engineering. He works as a consultant and management coach for a wide range of companies and is involved as a facilitator for philosophy-based workshops in schools and with children.

Tobias SAGER

Tobias Sager is the Managing Consultant of Digital Architects Zurich (part of the Swiss Digital Network). He has over 15 years of experience in performance and capacity management, both as an engineer and as a leader of global teams. Digital Architects Zurich supports organisations on the DevOps journey with knowledge, engineering and solutions for cloud-based and AI-driven Continuous Delivery, AIOps and Site Reliability Engineering.