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At Swiss Digital Network, we offer a wide range of consulting and advisory services to support teams and organizations in their digital transformation journey. Our team of experienced architects, consultants, engineers, and trainers work closely with our clients to provide practical solutions that enable them to adopt and deploy new digital capabilities. From technology to operating model and culture, we cover all essential dimensions of digital transformation to help our clients achieve their business goals and drive growth and innovation.

Strategy & Architecture Consulting

Usually, teams and organizations already have valuable assets related to agile, DevOps, or Data initiatives.
Therefore, our polyvalent consulting team always recommends our customers to start our collaboration with a holistic Digital Assessment.
This evaluation covers the three dimensions of Technology, Operating model, including people and skills, and Culture. The focus is set on one or more of the following essential capabilities:

Transformation & Solutions Consulting

To assist customers in designing, implementing, and adopting the capabilities and disciplines required for their DevOps, Agile, Cloud, and MLOps transformation and initiatives, our polyvalent consulting team is usually composed of:

Digital Innovation Academy & Research On-demand

Our Digital Innovation Academy provides comprehensive training materials for public and custom bootcamps, aimed at efficiently improving teams and individual skills in MLOps, SRE, AI-powered Software QA, and advanced DevOps topics such as Observability, Chaos Engineering, and Continuous Verification.

In addition to our training services, our team of senior academic professionals and researchers offers their advisory services and expertise in innovation management to help customers shape their own Digital Innovation Strategy, develop project proposals, including applications for public funding, and explore innovative solutions for specific research requests through our “Research on-demand” service.

Swiss Digital Network: One Hub, Multiple Expertise

Swiss Digital Network is an innovative consulting hub that brings together specialized consulting cells with diverse expertise. Our network offers comprehensive support and guidance to help you succeed in your digital transformation journey. 
Please feel free to contact us or a specific cell directly for assistance. Please visit their websites to learn more about our cells and their areas of expertise.
Our cells specialize in areas such as software delivery, Effective SRE (Digital Architects Zurich), data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (Machine Learning Architects Basel), cultural and organizational transformation (Digital Transformation Advisors), Effective Continuous Verification (DigitalQ), Digital innovation consulting and educational services (Digital Innovation Partner).

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