An expandable network of Independent & specialized cells

Active Cells

Cells in Planing

  • Digital Highway for Software Delivery
  • Site-Reliability Engineering
  • AI-Driven Continuous Delivery
  • AI-/Cloud-native Operations
  • Digital Highway for Machine Learning
  • MLOps Culture and Operating Models
  • Data Architecture & Data Science
  • Cloud Computing & Advanced Automation

    • Digital Culture Transformation Coaching
    • Philosophy Workshops for childrens and adolescents of the Digital Age
    • Philo-leadership Coaching
    • Critical Thinking Skills & Power of Authentic Judgement

    Our Story

    About What We Do & How We Got Here

    The SWISS DIGITAL NETWORK is the first independent and open consulting network that cooperates with innovative IT providers to deliver its customers an efficient Digital & Cloud Transformation Journey.

    The network was created by senior consultants & architects who combine IT and organisational transformation knowledge and a track record in the Swiss market working with major companies.

    Each cell of the network specializes in key areas related to Digital Transformation with a common goal of helping customers Build & Manage THE DIGITAL HIGHWAY.


    Business Values
    • Focus to create customer value first
    • Built on expert knowledge and continuous personal development
    Flexible Organisation
    • Federated operating model with small and agile tribes/circles (we call them “cells”)
    • Ecosystem of trusted partners
    • Flexibility to adapt and change organisational setup when required
    Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    • We are people-centric, not profit-centric
    • We aim for a healthy, not a capitalistic growth
    • Commited to social and ecological value charter